8 Benefits of Bamboo Towels

Are you fed up with hopping out of a blissfully hot shower, only to be greeted by an old, scratchy towel that leaves you shivering in your bathroom? Perhaps it’s time to upgrade, but which towel should you choose? You may have heard of Bamboo towels before, but not really know the benefits. So we have put together this list to show you why you need never look at another towel again!

1. Incredibly Soft

Bamboo is known for its softness in the textiles world. While other towels, such as cotton, will become hard and rough over time, bamboo towels come out of the wash as soft as the day they were purchased. 

2. Super Absorbent

Studies have shown that bamboo towels’ moisture-wicking abilities make them up to 4 times more absorbent than cotton, meaning you can get yourself warm and dry in record time. This is especially useful when drying babies or children, as damp skin patches can lead to unwanted irritation. 

3. Extremely Durable

With proper care, bamboo towels are incredibly long-lasting, which is something you need in a product that is used almost daily. Bamboo is known for retaining its shape and feel after many washes, and their towels will not shed as traditional cotton towels do. 

4. Anti-bacterial

One of the most impressive features of bamboo towels is their natural anti-microbial properties. Bacteria and germs thrive in damp, warm environments, making cotton towels a hotbed for mould and mildew. With bamboo towels, you do not have to worry, as studies have shown that even after 50 washes they were still able to prevent bacterial growth from forming. 

5. Hypoallergenic 

Bamboo bath towel women

Bamboo towels are especially kind to those with delicate skin or allergies. Their softness prevents irritation, while the anti-microbial properties mentioned above protects the skin from nasty bacteria while you dry. Also, thanks to the way bamboo is grown, there are no nasty chemicals or pesticides used which can further irritate the skin.

6. Odour Resistant

Ever notice how damp towels can give off that unpleasant odour if you forget to hang them straight up to dry or leave them in a steamy bathroom? That smell is caused by microorganisms forming on the fibres - yuck! But, another benefit of bamboos bacteria repelling properties means they remain smelling fresher for longer.

7. Eco-Friendly

Bamboo is one of the naturally fastest-growing plants on the planet, that does not depend on large amounts of water, fertilizers or pesticides for growth. This sustainable material source is also great for the planet, giving off up to 35% more oxygen than other trees as they grow. Compared to questionable ethics surrounding cotton-cultivation, Bamboo is definitely the greener choice.

8. Easy To Care For

You may be worried that with all these amazing benefits, you must handle your bamboo towels with care. However, they are as easy to care for as any other towel. We recommend washing them separate from your other laundry, using a small amount of mild detergent. Simply dry them on a low heat and they will remain as clean and fluffy as the day you received them.

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