Join the Koala Comforts Forest

For every order placed we plant a tree! Well actually, you plant a tree of your very own in our Koala Comforts forest (visit here). Without leaving the comfort of your home. Thus, as we grow, so does our forest! Here at Koala Comforts, we are constantly finding ways to give back to our society. As such, we have partnered with the good people at Tree-Nation to support their efforts to combat CO2 emissions. But, why do this?

About Tree Nation

Tree-Nation, is an international non-for-profit that has so far planted 5 million trees in 36 different countries to counter the carbon emissions that our society creates. Their mission is to fight Climate Change and Deforestation all around the world, although their main focus is on the tropic region.

Why Plant Trees?

Climate change is an enormous threat to the health of our world. Primarily caused by increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, climate change has devastating impacts on the planet. Deforestation has exacerbated this change, causing an alarming increase in temperatures, leading to rising sea-levels and threatening wildlife and leading to extinction. Trees have a pivotal role to play in helping balance oxygen and CO2 levels! Trees are known as ‘carbon sinks’ as they absorb CO2 and convert it to the sweet oxygen we breathe. Additionally, trees can provide much needed habitat for various species and livelihood for many people.

How Does It Work?

Once you’ve placed your order, you will be sent an email from Tree-Nation. Click the link to choose your own tree species and virtually plant it! After you have, you can find a plethora of information regarding the real tree you’ve planted, including the species details, its location and a link to the tree certificate. But that’s not all – on our part, we ensure that that the emissions associated with customers connecting to our website are kept carbon neutral. This is achieved by planting trees based on the number of visitors to our website. Clik below to see how our forest is growing: