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The hotels executive suites are currently styled with our knitted blankets

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Benefits of Weighted Blankets

Alleviates Anxiety

Study demonstrated that Deep Touch Pressure (what our weighted blankets produce) can reduce anxiety levels.

Improves Sleep

Study participants were able to fall asleep faster, experienced better quality sleep and woke up more refreshed after using weighted blankets reduce anxiety levels.

Reduces Pain

Study found that pressure from a weighted blanket reduced the severity of chronic pain in users.

Our products

Knitted Weighted Blanket
  • From $185.00

Weighted Blanket

Men’s Satin Pyjamas -Short Set
  • $65.00



Bamboo Bed Sheet Set
  • $159.00
  • From $99.00

Bed Sheets

Minky Square Weighted Blanket
  • From $100.00

Weighted Blanket

Our Difference


1 tree planted for every order

We plant a tree for every order placed with us in order to help reduce our emissions.


14-night trial

If you don’t like the blanket for any reason (even if it’s just the colour), return it for a refund of the blanket price.


Handmade for you

Each blanket has been thoughtfully handmade.

Customer Reviews

Wish I got one sooner! We have the Navy Blue Minky Square blanket and it's divine!

Sophie S

Amazing! Love my weighted blanket.

Brooke N

I sent through an enquiry (on a weekend, actually!) and the responsiveness genuinely left me shocked. 

Joanna E

Love the colour and pattern choices of the towels. They do not hold any sand! It's amazing.

Steph B

I have tried out the weighted blankets and the sand free towel! These products are amazing.

Maddy B

Such a caring friendly understanding team.

Jorja C

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Scientific Benefits

Reduce Stress and Improve Sleep

Nothing beats the feeling of snuggling in front of the TV, wrapped in your favourite blanket, and hugging your signicant other (even if it is just a pillow at times). For most, this added pressure instantly creates a calming feeling. Have you ever wondered what causes this? Why a cuddle - or even wearing something heavy (like a thick jacket) - creates that feeling of calm?


It all has to do with Deep Touch Pressure (DTP), a concept utilised by our knitted weighted blankets. Basically DTP causes our body to relax and unwind by releasing serotonin, the 'happiness hormone'. Click below to learn more about the benefits of a weighted blanket, and how it can help you relax and sleep better!

Our Materials


Our bamboo weighted blankets, bed sheets, and hooded towels are made from 100% sustainable bamboo. Our bamboo fabrics are extremly soft to touch and are especially great for warmer weather, as the fabric breaths well.


Our PJs are made of polyester fabric that has come from recycled products.


Our waffle towels are designed so that when you hop out of your bath or shower, an indulgent and inviting fabric is waiting to lure that water right off your skin.