How Do You Choose the Perfect Weighted Blanket for Couples?

There are several reasons why you’d want to share a weighted blanket with your partner. It refreshes the appearance of your bedroom, makes bonding more effortless, and is cost-effective on the plus side.

However, there’s a hanging caveat to it: most weighted blankets are designed for individual use. So, does that mean you’d have to purchase different weighted blankets for both of you? That’s not entirely the case.

The key lies in choosing the perfect blanket to accommodate you and your partner while enjoying all the unique benefits. Pay attention to the following factors:

1.Consider Both Your Weights

The first step in choosing a weighted blanket for you and your partner is determining your combined weights. If both of you share similar body weights, it’s best to invest in a weighted blanket weighing about 10% of your combined weights.

You can also opt for a heavier weighted blanket – as the weight will be evenly distributed between the two of you. However, suppose there’s a significant difference of body weights. In that case, there’s going to be an uneven weight distribution – it may be satisfactory for you and suffocating for your partner and vice versa. Thus, invest in separate blankets.

2. Pick the Right Size for Your Bed

Another thing to consider is picking the correct size. Weighted blankets typically come in King and Queen sizes, suited for keeping you and your partner relaxed when it’s nap time.

3. Consider Your Favorite Colour

Colour preferences play a significant role in which weighted blanket to choose for you and your partner. For instance, if your bedroom or living room is already colour-heavy, you should consider a more neutral color for your chunky knitted weighted blanket. Rather, if your room contains neutral colour tones, invest in a weighted blanket with bright and intense colors!

Thankfully, we’ve got a massive collection of weighted blankets available in different sizes, weights, and colors. Check them out here.