How to make bathtime easy for kids

Bath time can be the perfect opportunity for some extra fun and family bonding before bed. For some children, however, just the mention of the tub can lead to tears and tantrums, making the experience stressful for both you and your little one. But before you throw in the towel (pun intended!), we have put together a list of ways to make bath time a little bit easier for everyone involved. 


Start by incorporating bath time into your child’s bedtime routine. Children feel safe when their day has structure. By making bathtime a part of your child’s everyday schedule, the feeling of dread caused by an unexpected wash will be replaced by a feeling of comfort. The key is consistency, once bathtime is an expected part of your child’s day, it will become a more reassuring experience. 

Make it fun

It will be no surprise when I say, kids love getting dirty! What’s more fun than jumping in muddy puddles, digging in the dirt or getting covered in paint? So it can be hard to make getting clean again sound appealing to your little ones. Try to make bathtime exciting by adding toys, bubbles, glowsticks or music. Turning tub time into a game rather than a chore is sure to have them running to dive in. 

Join In

We have all heard the saying, the more the merrier. If your child is reluctant to get in the bath by themselves, wash them with their siblings or hop in yourself. Bath time can be more fun with a friend to blow bubbles with, and the presence of a loved one in the tub too provides both safety and reassurance. 

Added Protection

There may be particular aspects of bath time that make your child nervous. Finding ways to combat this may stop your little one from resisting a good wash. If having their hair washed is a daunting prospect for your kid, it may be they do not like water on their face or the shampoo may sting their eyes. Give them a towel or washcloth to protect their eyes and face, and reinforce how brave they are to help build their confidence during the activity.

Towel Time

Once bath time is over, the next battle begins. But you can take the hassle out of drying your little one with our bamboo Hooded Towels. Not only do their playful animal hood designs make drying hair fun, but the large body of the towel is four times more absorbent than a traditional cotton towel. So you can have your little one warm, dry and in their PJs in record time! 

As an added bonus, bamboo towels are hypo-allergenic, so if your little one’s skin gets sore when rubbed dry with traditional towels these could be your solution. Bamboo is an antimicrobial material that actually protects the skin against odour-causing bacteria. Giving you peace of mind that your babies skin will be thoroughly dried, without irritation. 

To Sum Up

Bathtime can be daunting for our little ones, but there are ways to make the experience a little easier. Make bathtime a fun, daily activity that signals you are winding down for the end of the day. You can reassure them by joining in, or if sore eyes are what bothers them, protect them with a flannel when rinsing out shampoo.

No matter what you choose to take the stress out of time in the tub, you can finish it off with a warm cuddle in one of our cute and cosy hooded towels. The perfect way to easily transition from bathtime to bedtime, with smiles all around.