How to Use Weighted Blankets for Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the hardest things to deal with. While it may be triggered by an event, other times, it can be a sudden random occurrence that might threaten one’s resolve. If you’re struggling with anxiety or know someone who does, weighted blankets can provide soothing relief to the mental condition.

According to health experts, people who use weighted blankets experience fewer symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety than those who use the typical light blanket. Weighted blankets feature deep pressure touch stimulation, which helps in keeping your mind relaxed and calm.

So, how do you use a weighted blanket for anxiety? Follow these simple tips:

Keep It in a Designated Spot

One of the mistakes people struggling with anxiety make is keeping essential items carelessly around their homes. When they experience panic attacks, it becomes a problem searching for those items.

It’s essential to keep your weighted blankets where you can always find them. One of the highly recommended spots to keep it is on your couch or bed. You can quickly locate it when you want to use it.

Cover Yourself From Your Neck Down

Another tip you should follow is to cover yourself from your neck down when you want to sleep or relax. This singular act makes sure that blankets soothe all the pressure points in your body, providing soothing goodness.

However, you can try other positions to see what works best for you.

Get a colourful chunky weighted blanket

Before covering yourself with a robe, you should wear a robe, as it is proven to give you comfort and ease.

Everyone has preferences, especially when choosing a colour, style, size, and fabric type. That’s why we’ve created a massive collection of weighted blankets you can choose from. These options are specially designed to revamp the look of your bedroom while providing comfort and ease for you.

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