The Perfect Gifts for Restless Children

As parents, ensuring our children are calm and content can feel like a relentless battle. With so much in our homes that can stimulate our little ones, it is no surprise that sensory overload can lead to restlessness and tantrums. And for those whose children have ADHD or fall on the autistic spectrum, these behaviours are often amplified, making mum and dad’s job even more tiring. 


If you are looking to help create more tranquillity for your restless child or looking for the perfect gift to help a friend or family member in need, then a weighted blanket or cuddle companion may be for you! The deep pressure stimulation provided both comforts and soothes little ones who may have trouble tuning off from their surroundings and relaxing.


What is Deep Pressure Stimulation?

Women mother hugging baby kid

Deep pressure stimulation, or deep touch pressure therapy (DPT) is the method of applying pressure to the body in order to trigger a neurological response. Restlessness is caused by our sympathetic nervous system, which is in charge of our “fight or flight” response, remaining active for prolonged periods of time. This can lead to feelings of irritability, anxiety or frustration, particularly in children with autism or ADHD. 

The act of applying pressure to the body triggers the parasympathetic nervous system to take over, switching to “rest and digest” mode. This system slows the heart rate and relaxes the muscles, while also releasing endorphins that create a sense of happiness. 

While this switch can be achieved with person-to-person touch, such as a hug or massage, this is not always practical. Children on the autistic spectrum especially can be sensitive to touch and physical contact can cause discomfort and distress. This makes weighted blankets or toys a fantastic solution, providing your child with a means of at-home therapy they can use independently!


Minky Weighted Blankets

Child lying in bed with weighted blanket

These weighted blankets are a fantastic gift idea for any restless child, providing warmth and comfort, while also adding that all-important deep touch pressure. The weighted blanket creates a safe space for your little one to snuggle up as they begin to calm down, improving quality of sleep if frequent disturbances are keeping you all up at night. 

The great thing about the Minky weighted blankets is the design options to suit your needs. If your child is tactile-sensitive the square design provides a wonderfully smooth layer with a simple criss-cross stitch design on the opposite side. 

If tactile experiences calm your child, the Minky dotted blanket was created with soft raised dots on one side. Simply running your hands along this layer of cushiony bumps can ease anxiety while occupying busy fingers. All the while the deep touch pressure calms the rest of the body into a relaxed state. 

Weighted Toys

Child plays with weighted duck toy

An adorable addition to your child’s toy collection, these weighted cuddle companions also provide deep touch pressure to calm an overactive mind. Both cute and cuddly, when your child hugs their new stuffed animal the weighted interior mimics the sensation of receiving a hug in return, helping to soothe whatever is unsettling your little one.

Although heavier than a traditional toy, they are still easy to transport for a child that needs comfort on the go. Whether you are out shopping, visiting friends or attending appointments, the cuddle companion focuses your child’s mind when their surroundings may be overwhelming. Providing a portable therapy option that will quickly become their best pal! 

Know a child who would benefit from the calming effects of deep pressure stimulation? Check out our range of products to find the perfect gift here