Why sleeping in Bamboo sheets is better than cotton ones

When tucking yourself into bed at night, you want to make sure the sheets you are snuggling into are both comfortable and durable. But how do you decide between cotton sheets and bamboo sheets, when to the eye they may appear the same? You might not know it, but there are some big differences between these two materials, that can not only impact the quality of your sleep but the wider environment as well.  

Bamboo is the environmentally-friendly option

Let’s start by taking a look at how these materials are sourced. Bamboo sheets are made from the fibres of the bamboo tree, one of the fastest-growing trees in the world. Unlike cotton, which relies heavily on chemicals to aid production, Bamboo is easily renewable and farming poses no threat to the environment. Cotton farmers, however, must use vast amounts of water and herbicides to facilitate crop production, accounting for around 1 sixth of global pesticide usage. Not only are these toxic chemicals damaging to our environment, but also to the health of the people who come into contact with them.  If you are looking for a more sustainable bedsheet, bamboo sheets are definitely the more eco-friendly choice over cotton. 

Bamboo is softer and more durable

When picking your bedspread, comfort is another important factor, but are bamboo sheets more comfortable than cotton? Cotton sheets require a higher thread count to deliver a softer finish; although lower thread counts, which can be scratchy upon purchase, can soften over time. Bamboo sheets depend less on thread count for quality, and instead consistently provide a comfortable and gentle finish, perfect for sensitive skin. Bamboo is also known for its durability when taken care of correctly, providing a longer-lasting sheet over time. 

Bamboo regulates your body temperature better

There are additional benefits to your bedding other than just look and feel. Body temperature while you sleep is important, and although cotton retains more heat than bamboo bed sheets, they are not as effective at cooling the body down. Bamboo is a naturally aerated material and the tiny micro-gaps in the fibres are perfect for keeping your skin from overheating, which is perfect if you suffer from eczema or hot flushes, which can often be irritated while sleeping.  

Bamboo is moisture-wicking

Bamboo is also 4 times more absorbent than cotton, and its moisture-wicking abilities stop sheets from sticking to the skin during hot sweaty nights, ensuring a dry and comfortable sleep. This is particularly beneficial to allergy sufferers, as the dry environment created by the bamboo sheets deters dust mites from making their home within your bed, as moisture creates the perfect habitat for these pesky bugs to thrive. This may be preferential over cotton if you find allergy symptoms increasing during the night and disturbing your important sleep schedule.

Bamboo is a clear favourite

Although both sheets can provide a sound night's sleep, the benefits of bamboo sheets over cotton sheets are clear, not only to the environment but also to your health. 

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