You Can Help Us Plant A Forest

Here at Koala Comforts, we are passionate about protecting our planet from climate change and deforestation. That’s why for every purchase you make, we will plant a tree - well actually, you will plant your very own tree in our Koala Comforts Forest (take a look)!

Give Back When You Buy


tree planting


We have partnered with the amazing people at Tree-Nation so that from the comfort of your own home, you can help us grow a forest every time you shop with us. In doing so, you are helping to combat CO2 emissions and providing cleaner air to create a healthier planet.

Who Are Tree-Nation


Tree-Nation is a fantastic not-for-profit organization that shares the same ethos as us, to help tackle the climate change and deforestation that is damaging our planet. So far they have planted 5 million trees across 36 countries, focusing on tropical forests that store the most amount of carbon, and with our help, that number is increasing.

The Dangers of Rising CO2

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is what’s known as a Greenhouse Gas, meaning it absorbs and radiates heat. A safe level of Carbon Dioxide is what keeps the Earth’s atmosphere above freezing, however, the increase of CO2 caused by deforestation and burning fossil fuels has tipped the balance of natural gases. 

This imbalance has led to a rise in the Earths temperature with CO2 levels higher than they have been in more than 3 million years. These rising temperatures are contributing to rising sea levels around the world, resulting in the destruction of coastal wildlife habitats, dangerously powerful storm surges and devastating flooding.

Why Plant Trees?

forest reducing carbon emissions

Trees are what’s known as “carbon sinks” as they actually absorb carbon dioxide and convert it to that sweet oxygen we need to breathe. Despite this, between 2001 and 2015 300 million hectares of tropical tree cover was destroyed, cumulative to the size of India! Generally, this land is then used to make way for agribusinesses used to produce everyday items such as rubber and palm oil.

By planting trees we can give back to our planet and help to restore the balance of oxygen and CO2 in our atmosphere. Not only will this help to bring down the Earths temperature, but it will provide much-needed habitat for animals being left without homes, otherwise risking extinction without our intervention. 

How It Works

Once you have placed your order with us, you will be sent a link via email from Tree-Nation letting you choose the species of tree you want to plant. You can then virtually plant it and receive a plethora of information, letting you know the location and details of the species you chose. You can even see a tree certificate, celebrating the wonderful gift you have given our planet earth!

How Koala Comforts Helps

To take this one step further, here at Koala Comforts we aim to make sure any emissions associated with customers visiting our website are kept carbon neutral. So we plant trees based on the number of visits to our site, including you here right now! 

Want to make a feel-good purchase and give back to our planet with your own tree? Click here to see our full range of products!