About us

We are a Melbourne luxury homewares brand specialising in feel-good, self-care products. 

Our experiences in the fast-paced corporate world coupled with the current global pandemic have shown us the vital importance of taking some time away from the hustle and showing yourself some love. Our products are designed to help you do just that!

Relax. Unwind. Rejuvenate.

Luxury without

We believe in providing uncompromising luxury, at a reasonable price. We founded our company because we struggled to find truly lavish homewares which we could afford on our graduate salaries. Making top-class homewares accessible is a core part of our business ethos.

Support local

Koala Comforts is 100% Aussie owned and designed, shopping with us enables you to support local small business and contribute to the health of our community. Particularly in these difficult times, it is more important than ever for us to come together to support one another and strengthen our beautiful country.


Sustainability lives in the foreground of our business. If we can make it Green we do! Wherever possible, our fabrics aim to reduce the pressure on our world, from the use of organic, 100% natural fabrics like bamboo to the repurposing of recyclable materials into stunning luxury pieces. On top of this, we reduce emissions and waste where possible, for example, our packaging whilst still paying homage to our luxury status, is simplistic and minimises wasteful ‘fillers’ like crumpled paper and heavy plastic. Furthermore, we utilise a carbon-neutral delivery partner who offset the carbon emissions of delivery by investing in carbon capture projects.

Relax, knowing your luxury and comfort don’t come at a cost to our planet.

Koala Love:
Charitable giving

Our company’s namesake, the humble koala bear, was chosen not only because these beautiful animals are the epitome of cuteness, but also as we wanted to create awareness of the plight that they are facing. 

The natural habitat of koalas has been threatened by lax land-clearing laws for decades, and the recent bushfires in Australia has only exasperated their habitat loss. In fact, experts believe that in some parts of the country (NSW), koalas will become extinct in the wild before 2050. This is why we have elected to provide 5% of all profits earned on our store to the WWF’s Koala appeal.

The perfect balance between form and function

We provide a perfect combination of luxe style and practical functionality. Every product has its purpose however, functionality alone isn’t enough. We were tired of seeing products that did the job but lacked the extra touch.

Rather, each product has been perfected to ensure that whilst the product performs it function, it does so beautifully, adding an additional layer of style, elegance and opulence to your experience.

Our gift to you

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Purchase before 31 March!

Our promise to you

Premium Quality

We know you want your goodies yesterday! So, sit back, relax and we will dispatch the same day you place your order.

Same-Day Dispatch

Show yourself some love and transform your home life. Our products are of the highest quality and like you, are unique, having been hand-made with love

30 Night Trail

You have thirty days to fall in love with your purchase. Not feeling it? Send it back to us and we will give you a full refund.